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Monday, May 7, 2012

This Is The Place!

Last week Loni took all of us to This Is The Place. During the month of April they had baby animals at the farm and we had so much fun! Hazel LOVED it! She had her first pony ride, met baby turkeys, tried to hold a duck, even helped me feed a baby lamb!...Check out the pics and videos...

Loni, Jordan and Hazel on the train ride over!

Daddy helping her on her first pony ride! She loved it!

Then we went to see the chicks and ducks. She tried to be gentle but sometimes she grabbed them pretty hard or would pat them on the head...it was cute!

Aw and Jordan liked the chicks too! We decided when we have a yard big enough we will come by chicks from here!

Hazel's favorite part had to be the baby turkeys! She loved to follow them around and try and pick them up!

She cornered them here and then was able to pet them!

 Jordan held this turkey up to her and she kept grabbing its beak! It was so funny! 

 Jordan held this one and made it fall asleep in his arms...

We went and fed this Ox and it grabbed the grass right out of Hazels hand! She loved it!

Hazel tried to feed the goat wood chips but he wasn't really interested :) 

Loni feeding the goat! It was such a cute goat and had a little teacup pig friend. 

Thanks again Loni! We had so much fun!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Well it has been a long time! We have so many exciting things to share!

First the best news....JORDAN GOT A NEW JOB!!! We are so excited and grateful. Jordan has been actively looking for a job since October and we finally found the perfect one. He works as a trainer for a company called Instructure. They absolutely love having Jordan there as part of their team, and Jordan looks forward to going to work every day. The Lord truly blessed us with this job and it was worth the wait!

Signing the contract to accept the job! Yeah!


Hazel just had her first birthday! We had a little birthday party for her and it was so fun! Here are some pictures from the day:

 Here is the banner that Nana Jo made for Hazels birthday. She did everything by hand! We love it. 

We did a lady bug theme for her birthday, because we always call her our little bug. The day before Hazel and I went up to Loni's and she helped me make her dress for the party. I couldn't have done it without her! We had a lot of fun and the dress turned out so cute! If you look close you can see it has little ladybugs on it too :)

 Hazel's First Cupcake!

Sharing with Gavin 

 Here are the friends and family that came to celebrate! 


Helping Hazel open her presents

She got a train from Mom and Dad!

 Uncle Joey and Uncle Nathan and helping Hazel put the train together

Haha....so cute! 

All the kids and adults...(minus Loni, she had to leave a little early) 

 Happy Birthday Hazel! We love you so much!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Las Vegas!

We all went to Las Vegas last week. It was so much fun! Jordan had to go down for work and because he drove Hazel and I were able to go with him. It was like a family vacation! We missed Jordan during the day, but he was able to come home for lunch and was finished by 3 most days. It was sunny and warm, we went swimming, shopping, played with family. Here are some of the highlights!

Hazel's First Swim!

Hazel giving Daddy a hug goodbye as he goes off to training's

 We went to "Build and Grow" a program they do at Lowe's for kids. They gave them goggles, an apron and a little hammer and then provide a little wooden project to build. They do it every other Saturday and we happened to be there on the right week! We went with Matt and his kids. Hazel fell asleep and so Jordan ended up doing her project ;)

 Haha! We love this picture! 

 Matt and the kids working on their projects

 The finished project was a little desk to make Valentine cards on :) Good job Jordan!

After, we went to watch Elizabeth in her basketball game. She is number 3! Hazel enjoyed watching the girls on the court.